another day…..

morning all

Well the weather here in johannesburg is absolutly superb this morning. The sun is shining and its gonna be a perfect day…hot. This is the outdoor kind of weather and i have that wonder lust and wish i was out on the road heading out of the city with my tents and boots…….But alas,alas im doomed to be sitting here in this miserable little cardboard box office with this damned infernal combustion computer……it runs on paraffin by the way….and a bunch of little twit people complaning because their ridiculous pair of socks from china,or some other equally ridiculous  crap from china has been delayed by customs……..or they were dumb enough to believe the sales hype that their goods will be delivered anywhere in the world within twenty four hours…..hahaha…idiots……yes sales people its you lot in your pretty little spread sheet and phony presentation world of illusion that start all this crap….go and get a real job in the real world  for a change ….and damn it man stop combing your over pretty hairdo….a real man is not supposed to be so pretty….hollywood only happens in hollywood  dude……good petty fun indeed…..ah well who gives a fuck anyway………wow life sucks hey.

have a greatday all


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  1. Geez, and it’s not even Monday any more 😉

    Across the road from me I have a 2nd-hand car dealership and I’m always amused at how these guys walk. They walk as if they are always in a hurry and try to look important. I don’t think they do much business as the same cars stand there forever and just get shuffled around from time to time.

    Weather in Durbs is looking good too, for a change.
    Remember: People who worry die, people who don’t worry die. So why worry?

    • um yes me too………they consistantly under declare the values of their exports……its got something to do with dodging some or other chinese exchange control mechanism…from what i can gather exports higher that 100 USD have to be officially declared and The incoming cash is then fixed to the usd ….but non declared incoming cash can some how be speculated on exchange rates ….something along those lines….

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