a question…and a guitar ramble(or is that a jam?)

Howdy all

I have noticed,particularly on off road vehicles a little sign that consists of a yellow triange in a blue square.Can anyone tell me what this symbolizes?

So the beautiful one wants a guitar for xmas.Yesterday during lunch we went and had a look. We looked at the cheapo kids guitars,what a load of second rate crap…really cheap quality….no way was i gonna buy that shyte. So we went to a real music shop….superb pieces of equipment ,im a yamaha fan ,but way to expensive, not to say that these quality guitars are not well worth the cost , i just cant afford them. So we went and looked at second hand guitars and found a reasonably prices sante fe, nice guitar and with a good clean up and a new set of strings it will be perfect , so i bought iT. Ok its full sized and too big for her but she is growing rapidly and could still use this guitar for the rest of her life.

I used to play guitar ,long long ago but have not touched or owned one for about ten years. I dont play very well as im way too undisiplined to actually sit down an learn to play a song but i know lots of chords and jam pretty cool. Any way yesterday i also saw a really cool secong hand yamaha….so i bought it for myself…….its amazing how quickly all those chordsc ome back to one. I cant remember what they are all called but i can still play them. Damn are my fingers sore this morning.

So a good clean up on both guitars tonight and a new set of strings and a tune and they will be put away for xmas day.In the new year we are going to send the beautiful one for lessons and i may tag along as well and perhaps these days im a little more mature and can get a handle on my ill disipline.

The beautifiul one is really excited and in awe of her beautiful guitar. Lucky girl  .I wish my folks had provided this oppertunity to me when i was her age.

Have a greatday all


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  1. My daughter got a new guitar when she was fifteen or sixteen, don’t remember the age exactly, brand new, was never used until recently that is, now she’s playing a few tunes. I’m impressed with what she can do now 🙂 I think beautiful one will love hers 🙂

  2. Playing a musical instrument of any kind is not something that can ever really be taken away.
    Good luck with the lessons 😉
    I’ll stick to the piano thank you – at least there I don’t need to keep my fingernails cut to the quick!!

  3. I always wanted to be able to play guitar. My brothers could, so why not me?
    I had a guitar, I had a book with the chords and explanations and then the fingers went a bit stiff. I know there are plenty of left-handed guitar players, but sadly I’m not one of them.
    Enjoy the jam sessions with daughter!

    • many will argue taht jimi hendrix is the best guitar player ever…and he is left handed…there are a few well known lefty guitarists…just cant think who right now…….i dont believe there is a best guitarist…just good and bad guitarists as all the good ones develop their own particular style and mannerism which are easily identifiable…….

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