shopping hell………….

Wow ive just been to the east rand mall to buy guitar strings. What an absolute raving nut house ,the parking lot was the worse…Jolly glad most of our shopping is sorted and im really glad im not going down to the coast to visit my mom this xmas.I hate margate during the holiday season and can only handle it for about four days out of season.

 i really pity you coastal dwellers over the next couple of weeks.I shall go sometime before easter before the lunatics arrive.Im actually looking forward to all of them  buggering off next week so i can spend a nice quite xmas at home sitting in the sun drinking and eating on my veranda.

jingle bells jingle bells…… vaalies all away.


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  1. Once, when I still lived on the East Rand, I went to the East rand maul. With the kids. Small. I drove around in the parking lot for close to 10 minutes, stripped my moer completely and went home. Kids disgusted with me, but to this day, if I can’t find parking at any maul withing the first 5 minutes of driving in, I go home.
    East rand maul is a HORRIBLE shopping centre!!!

  2. At this time of the year I make sure I’m at any of our malls way before opening.
    We have three smaller malls and the two very big ones.
    Newsie is right, the prices have already been increased.

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