Staying alive…..and santa is a fraud

Howdy all

No i have not castrated myself and started singing in a high pitched squeky voice….yet…. but i have been rather busy with an end of the year christmas rush of presents and ridiculous  thingies comming in from china…..where else?… people import the biggest load of shit….i mean who in their right minds go to so much effort to import ,from halfway around the world ,a little bag of fake snow to sprinkle on a christmas tree?…..some people have way to much money and time on their hands…… and these people are so uptight and serious about pathetic trivial crap like this……..llike its URGENT you know…..yeah right….every trivial piece of nonsense is urgent in my job….so the word has absolutly no meaning at all…..when youve got hundreds of urgent things everyday its just meaningless…. ……human race has lost the plot completely……….and you know what?….i think its a bloody cheek that some fat dude in a red suit gets all the credit for what i actually do……… im still alive despite being missing in action for a while……..

Have a greatday all


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  1. We should send out cookies and milk to you then? 🙂 I’ll spike the milk with wihiskey and make you ‘special’ cookies lol
    Serioulsy though, sounds like your pretty stressed, hope the day ends soon for you!

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