Howdy all

Well its the last day of the year and im still at work, damn its hot. Its been super hot this weekend and its super hard to do anything at all.I actually ended up in the pool yesterday,not something i do very often,not much of a water baby am i.

Im not really into the whole new years thingy these days as thousands of drunken people all gathered together in one place attempting to out do them selves an prove who is the biggest asshole just does not appeal to me anymore . I been on plenty wild party, rave, throw bottles at the cops kinda drunken, drugged up orgies in the past …….think i may be growing up …or is thet getting old?

But let everyone enjoy themselves i suppose,  ill just stay at home peacefully with my family,much safer .I wont be able to sleep as all the assholes will be blasting fireworks off all night long. I hate fireworks ,but let me rephrase that i like the way fireworks look but hate the noise. Strange how in this modern (stupid word is modern) day with all our wonderful technology that no one has yes invented silent fireworks. I generally hate noise period.

So my dogs are all gonna be freaking out tonight trying to climb out windows and under beds and what not. Ill keep them indoors for sure which is a problem this year as pandas tumour is getting so big that it has burst the skin and he is bleeding all over the place. Tonight is gonna be a smelly bloody mission at our house.

Im not looking forward to it……

Please look after your animals everyone.

happy new year all


8 responses

  1. I hope there’s not too much noise. I’m staying home with my doggies tonight, and no doubt they will be tucked up next to me on the couch 🙂
    Happy New Year to you and your family 🙂

  2. Can’t you get them tranq’s from the vet?
    Or maybe give each a tot of something 😉
    Last night I had thunder at home, and I saw the cat was not too happy with it. Luckily my old man is as deaf as a post, so he does not worry too much anymore.
    I’m still deciding if I want to go to the midnight service or rather just stay at home and keep my smelly animals happy 😉
    Whatever you do Pan, do it well, and be safe!
    Happy New Year to you and yours 😉

  3. I now have only myself to think about during the fireworks saga. I hope no residents decide to set off any from their balconies as that’s against the conduct rules. There’s bugger all on tv tonight so I’ll watch some videos instead while I eat smoked oysters and drink my little bottle of bubbly! Happy New Year, ggp.

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