back to work……..the lord of the flies….

Howdy all

Its back to work  and the traffic is starting to pick up again.Personally i cant wait for the kids to go back to school as they have been on holiday for too long now and are bored and becoming totally undisiplined and cheeky.Kids need that regular routine.They have gone into this silly continual  bitching at each other mode,which is really petty and pathetic and totally annoying.I think if holidays were any longer i might just murder them.

They are both starting music lessons this week,blondie is doing keyboard and the beautiful one guitar and they seem to be looking forward to it,we will see how long that lasts.Being as i am paying good hard earned money on these classes i shall make sure they do their homework.They know the drill and had the option to back out but accepted that i expect them to work hard and they will attend for at least six months weather they like it or not.

Wow its hot and the flies are driving us crazy,panda has an open seeping wound and there are billions of flies at our place,driving the poor boy mad.Ive been washing him as ofteen as i can and appliying alsorts of creames and things to his wound to try to keep the flies away.Ive tried camphor ,vinigar,sunlight soap,zambuk,camphour oil rinses and various other things ,all which are moderately succesful but only for a short while.I am now considering building a cage out of net curtaining to give the guy a bit of peace and quite…..flies are horrid things.

Fortunatly we have him on anti biotics and the wound is bathed daily and creams applied so it is not infected.Its just that it oozes al over his legs and stomach and we dont have time to give him a full bathe every day and he really stinks…the porch and kennel stinks too…we try our best but i dont think hes around for too long  … be it….but hes no ready to go yet.

Have a greatday all


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    • the wound will not heal…its a growing tumour…the way the vet explained it is that the tumour grows so quickly that the blood vessels cannot keep up with it …so the tumour is growing and dying at the same time…thats why its continually seeping the rotten dead flesh out….no cure im afraid.

  1. Pan – you might have to think again about the poor guy.
    Agree with you on the school holiday thing. Luckily my days of that is long past 😉
    Good luck with not strangling the young ladies 🙂

    • howdy ghia…yip i doubt he will see another xmas…….but he is still happy and himself and i dont think he is in pain……..however it keeps growing larger and ultimatly will become un feasibel and will start to effect his health…..not there yet but the decision will have to be made someday……hard decision as we really love this boy…….

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