exploding cockroaches…..

Howdy all

Well as you can see im still here….

It is mid summer here at the moment and we are going through a very hot spell with the temperature well into the 30 degree cel zone on a daily basis. Now  together with the fact that i live right next to a large volume of water and we have had good rains it is absolute perfect weather for insects to go forth and multiply in abundance. And this they are doing with great enthusiasm.

Our place is being invaded with all sorts of insects of every possible description.Spiders,prey mantis, moths ,fruit flies and many other creatures are everywhere at diffrent times of the day. Now most of these creatures i have no problem with and will happily live with them for a few weeks whilst they are ensuring the survival of future generations of their species. But the flies ,of which we have millions this year due to pandas open wounds are driving me and him insane. There are literally hundreds of them buzzing around him. Now i dont like bug sprays or any other types of poison as i dont think its wise to kill your neighbours on this planet is such a horrid and dangerous fashion. But even i have resorted to the occasional use of poison this year. The problem is i cannot spray this stuff near panda as he has open wounds and open wounds and poisons (which i believe are based on certain nerve gases) are a bad idea as far as im concerned.

A loosing battle. I have resorted to a type of teepee arrangement covered with net curtain to keep the flies off of panda which of course is no use when we are at work. So be it…. i can only do my best.Poor panda has to endure these miserable flies all day when we are not home.

Recently we seem to have been invaded by cockroaches too. This has never happened before .Needless to say im not prepared to tollerate these guys either.There are hundreds of them all over the place. We have removed all the cupboards,the fridge,stove the whole toot, cleaned,made sure there is no open food to attract them,sprayed poisons but still we have these roaches all over the kitchen. Well it has become apparent that these creatures are living and breeding in the microwave. What a weird place to choose to live. We have sprayed around the micro with bug spray but i dont think its wise to actually spray into the micro as we cook and eat there….dont wanna poison our selves now do we .No luck we just cannot eredicate these damn cockroaches. Hunderds of them ,little ones,big ones,middle sized ones,baby ones… but they just keep coming….i have no idea what elese to do.

Anyway over the weekend we were sitting in the lounge and fatty was cooking and she switched on the micro wave and a few seconds latter there was this really loud bang which made us all jump. We thought the microwave had blown up and were afraid to touch it incase we got electrocuted .But on closer inspection it became apparent that the bang was infact a cockroach exploding at the back of the micro wave….clearly did not get out quick enough, This is quite interesting to me as i have never seen an exploding cockroach before. Later another cock roached exploded and this has now become a game with the girls who are now turning the microwave on everynow and then in the hope of blowing up cockroaches….and ive turned it on a few times myself in great anticipation…no luck yet though.

So folks if you cant beat em …..just have fun blowing the little fickers up………

Some how i dont think this is gonna solve the problem though.

Have a greatday all


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    • howdy newsy…the bugs are really bad this year….never had it this bad before…mind you it is also exeptionally hot this year…..i need to go to the vet for some more anti biotics this week so ill enquire about the fly ointment whilst im there……

  1. OMW flies and cockroaches, my two worst insects. We also have loads of flies, and don’t leave food or dog food lying around, dog mess is cleaned up a number of times during the day but our neighours are not that hygienic. During the day as soon as food is taken out the flies arrive. So we tend to eat later in the summer months and only braai after sunset otherwise it would be a race between us and the files as to who eats first.

    We had a bit of a plague of cockroaches in early December but we bought roach bait stations and positioned them carefully around the house making sure the dogs could not get to them. When we returned from our holidays we found some dead cockroaches but no live ones and I have not seen one for a long time now.

    LOL at the nuked cockroaches – way to go!

    • the flies are directly attracted to panda…….i know it will come to an end once it cools down though…….living next to water is cool and beautiful but has its own associated problems….i like most insects as i find them very interesting….i have this large spider on the stoep and i watch her build a web every night…fascinating…she comes right down a few inches from my face and builds an anchor on my chair…..never bothers me nor i her although we are both fully aware of each other…….pet spider so to speak…..

  2. Good heavens!! You sadist you!!!
    As for Panda’s open wounds. You get stuff that you spray on dog’s ears to stop flies sitting there. Sometimes they bite my old man’s ears until he’s bleeding, and I spray this stuff on, kills the flies and the old man can walk around without spraying blood everywhere.
    Speak to the vet – maybe you can use this to keep the flies off him. Have you got those big stinky fly traps? Or those sticky ones?
    Poor guy – hope you can use that stuff – i’ll look for the name tonight when I get home.

  3. And then I thought the title of your post referred to one of your hardcore rock songs … little did I know there was a full out war going on in the house! Yikes! Good luck with the roaches – not much seems to kill them – except radiation it seems!

  4. We also seem to have many more cockroaches this year. And they are these large ones which I believe were brought up from the coast in containers (with fresh produce?) from overseas some years ago. I heard this week that they seem to breed in the palm trees, which there are plenty of in our area.
    We found some cockroach chalk at a flea market (how appropriate!) and drew these nice white battle lines all around the house. It has helped and now we only have those buggers who have learnt to fly over the chalk lines!
    Hope it goes better with Panda and that the wound heals quickly. While at the Vet ask for wound dressing used for cattle and horses. It dries the wound quickly which helps with the healing.
    We also use a dip made for cattle which keeps ticks and fleas at bay and seems to repel flies as well. Speak to your local Co-Op, they are cheaper than the Vet.

  5. Bugged by bugs ….. that sucks I hate all creepy and crawly goggas. I and my computer have both been receiving care and attention and I am pleased to say I can now read and comment again. Long may it last…….

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