sporting idols….

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This is a true story that took place on friday afternoon and quite fitting as a carry over to my bladegunner post….

Now i know this wonderful woman who is the most clued up person in her field of expertize that i have ever met…now this woman just so happens to be my wife…..

Now on friday afternoon she had to deal with this extremely arrogant customer…….who said to her…If you knew who i was you would bend over backwards… fatty is not to be messed with so she replied that she does not work for outsurance……..well it turns out that this arrogant person turns out to be a high profile bulls (whoop whoop) and springbok (nogal) rugby player…..fatty then emailed him and assured him that she had googled him and understands that he is a rugby player (whoop whoop) but that she is not interested and does not give a damn about rugby or any other sport…..the law is the law regardless of your ego.

Now i have on a previous occasion had the displeasure of dealing with a very prominent golfer who displayed a very similar attitude to this rugby player and it has got me thinking about the whole idolization of sports heros.They are not always the good guys they are protrayed to be……quite the contrary infact.

Now i have also had the priveledge once of dealing with a very great south african owner of a hotel empire,a real mover and shaker and and doer of great things…what an absolute gentleman he was……just goes to show.

I mean so this little (actually big) snot  nosed brat,  half fatties age, who has never done anything  but played rugby thinks he has the right to tell fatty, who has been doing what she does for over 20 years ,has a daughter about as old as snot nosed brat..he thinks he can tell fatty what to do…..i think not.

  So all you heroes out their if you want the respect that you think you deserve (i do not) please learn to behave like rational,grown up ,responsible adults….i know your egos are so big and you have lost all perspective of reality… that you think the sun shines from out your behinds…..

BUT IT DOES NOT AND NEVER WILL SHINE ON US……we have seen what spoilt little hyped up twats you really are.

and to those of you sporties who are not arrogant assholes…i wish you well…..if the shoe fits and all.

have a greatday all


I recall a few months back before I had any knowledge or thoughs and opinions about Oscar pistorius reading a few  articles about him. These articles were about him, his ex girlfriend, who issued a veiled warning about Oscars true personality, and his new girlfriend and some nasty threats and what not. I came away from these articles with the distinct impression that Oscar was not quite right upstairs, that he had certain violent , nasty, paranoid ,arrogant, spoilt and generally  anti social tendencies .Normal people just don’t go around threatening to break other peoples legs.  

Furthermore as time went by and I watched Oscars behavior  a little more closely  I came to the conclusion that he had many of the characteristics of the classic psychopath. Paranoid, violent, need for speed, gun obsession, deceit, arrogant , a certain recklessness ,somehow  false, not quite living in reality, two sided  and most of all the overwhelming charismatic charm that he seems to posses…the most distinguishing trait of a psychopath in my opinion….……non of these traits are too serious on there own but in combination and all present at the same time sets off alarm bells……..……clearly from the comments on these articles I was not the only person, including some who had met him (I have not) who had seen these tendencies…..

now I used to have a relative who  I believe was a psychopath and I saw a very similar person by the name of oscar pistorius…….in fact I believe this description of psychopath  is more or less well suited to a fairly large segment of the male south African population… know macho ,bliksem types………my relative ended up dead on the pavement with five bullets in his chest..…I was not surprised……it had been predicted… these traits are easy for me to recognize…….but I put it all down to the fact that perhaps his fame and fortune may have gone to his head a little….he would not be the first celebrity to battle with his own outstanding success….…and I though no more about Oscar pistorius.

Until yesterday…..…I am shocked and horrified………..but somehow not  greatly  surprised.

Now those of you who are going to say I am pre judging him and innocent until proven guilty blah blah blah…..yes you are right. I was of the opinion that he was potentially dangerous and mentally unstable  before he shot his girlfriend. But being as I am not a judge or an executioner and have no authority to judge or execute anyone it is irrelevant  in  anycase.  I am merely thinking out aloud on my very own personal blog …..and I reserve the right to do so……you are in no way obliged to read or agree with me…..and I do not insist that I am correct…… which is of no consequence to the events that will now follow……Oscar is lucky I have no authority as if I did I may have already hung him.

Ok the reports are somewhat vague and obviously I don’t have all the facts ….but….this appears to be evident…

The police have absolutely ruled out the intruder angle….this was an invention by the press… so any argument in this regard is  bullshit and irrelevant……

The young lady was shot 4 …..yes four times…..a little over the top.

Apparently through a closed bathroom door…..which absolutely rules out any case of him being in immediate personal danger and rules out the self defense argument…..…

It appears that the cops and complex security had been to the house at 2am responding to some or other domestic dispute………..and indicate that other such incidents have happened previously.

The young lady was shot shortly thereafter  at 3am or there abouts……………..seems almost obvious what happened to me.

Oscar pistorius does not have very much of a case as far as im concerned and I believe he is guilty of murder in the first degree. Even if not in the first degree he is guilty of murder no matter which way you choose to look at it.

Was this premeditated?…perhaps……perhaps not… ….the state has publicly stated that they intend to prosecute premeditated murder..….i believe that an argument went down…..oscar lost his cool…….the cops arriving would have pissed him off even more……the argument continued……and being the spoilt, arrogant ,macho , brat that I believe he is, he went into a tantrum because he could not get his own way grabbed his gun and blew his girlfriend away in a blind fit of rage……she may have run to the bathroom to protect herself…….girls have been known to do this………is that premeditated?….the shots through the door indicate that it may well be…..perhaps…. perhaps  not……I wonder what the argument was about?……perhaps something as pathetic as  not putting the toilet seat down….

I cannot stop thinking about it.

Silly man……he had it all and threw it all  away  just like that……..scary.


Ok this is my opinion for all its worth. 

Oscar pistorius is guilty of cold blooded and pre meditated murder and deserves the death sentence

Pleading insanity or temporary insanity may be the only case he has and he probably will resort to this lame, weak and pathetic  method.

A talented ,intelligent and very beautiful young lady with a great life ahead of her  blown off the face of the earth by a spoilt, selfish ,arrogant ,possibly  mentally unstable brat.

A sad day indeed.

I sincerely hope oscar spends the rest of his days locked away behind bars……no actually I sincerely wish Oscar pistorius is executed……a high profile execution to send out the message to all the rest of the thugs out there that we the decent, hard working, honest people of south Africa have had enough of the scum……..but this is not gonna happen..

Sorry folks ….…im a little angry and upset……. I  cannot help but to imagine how I would feel if it was one of my girls that was so brutally and senselessly  murdered in the prime of their lives..

one thing is certain…we live in a society that has totally lost its collective marbles……..i am ashamed to be associated with south africa.

Have a greatday and weekend all


walk tall…..its a concept.

Morning all

I know i have posted this before but make no diffs the message remains the same. I like these lyrics despite the fact that im not religious at all and cannot say that i beleive in god, heaven or hell.I find the whole god thing makes more sense if you just see it as a conceptual idea…that way it makes no diffs to me if you call god jahova, allah, shiva etc etc…. and all the theological debates are irrelevant…all of these different conceptual representation of god share certain common ideas as far as im concerned…..this song sums them up for me…heaven is a state of mind…

The simple minded and the uninformed can be easily led astray

And those that cannot connect the dots hey look the other way

People believe what they want to believe when it makes no sense at all

So be careful of those killing Jesus’s name

He don’t believe in killing at all

Walk tall (Keep on walkin’, keep on talkin’)

Yeah walk on (Keep on walkin’, keep on talkin’)

Through this world walk tall

Somewhere out in the distance is the death of you and me

Even though we don’t think of it much it’s still out there for us to see

If you treat your life like a bar room fight you’ll die stinking of gin

No drunkards allowed in Heaven, no sinners will get in

Walk tall (Keep on walkin’, keep on talkin’)

Yeah, walk on (Keep on walkin’, keep on talkin’)

Walk tall (Keep on walkin’, keep on talkin’)

Through this world, walk tall

So be careful in what you believe in there’s plenty to get you confused

And in this land called paradise you must walk in many men’s shoes

Bigotry and hatred are enemies to us all

Grace, mercy and forgiveness will help a man walk tall

So walk tall (Keep on walkin’, keep on walkin’)

Yeah, walk on (Keep on walkin’, keep on walkin’) Walk tall (Keep on walkin’, keep on walkin’)

Through this world, through this world

Yeah, walk tall yeah (Keep on walkin’, keep on walkin’)

Then walk on yeah (Keep on walkin’, keep on walkin’) Walk tall yeah (Keep on walkin’, keep on walkin’)

Then walk on yeah, yeah, yeah (Keep on walkin’, keep on walkin’)
Through this world (Keep on walkin)

Through this world (Keep on walkin’)

Through this world (Keep on walkin’,)

Through this world (Keep on walkin’)
Walk tall (Keep on walkin’) Walk tall (Keep on walkin’)

Then walk on (Keep on walkin’, keep on walkin’) ………………………………….JOHN MELLENCAMP

Have a great weekend all

im mean and im tough and i aint no sissy…..

Howdy all

Bikes…..Yes bikes as in motorcycles. Now  I am by no means what one would call a biker although I have owned four of these machines  during the course of my lifetime. I have no idea why I wish to write about bikes but at the same time I see no reason why I should not.

Last easter we were down at margate when the Harley davisdson convention was on. A little interesting for an hour or so but once you’ve seen one bedazzeled Harley the next hundred thousand all seem a bit of a muchness .And the over abundance of forty year old teenage posers in leather jackets ,bandanas, silly boots ,nazi helmets , tattoos and silly macho attitudes all gets a little silly after a while. A bit like a justin beiber concert with fat bald grey teenagers in attendance. After the second day all these pseudo freaks buzzing around all over town making one hell of a racket just becomes tedious and annoying. But each to his own I suppose.

The first bike I ever owned was a little Yamaha dt 50cc, splendid little machine. Now I know that a 50 cc chainsaw on wheels is not exactly what any mean tough biker dude, or any one else for that matter , would aspire to own but for a 15 year old boy growing up in the semi  rural agricultural holdings on the edge of the city in the early 80s during the highly conservative days of the ng kerk, nationalist, john Vorster , pw botha .,blourokkie  south africa this 50cc may as well have been a Ferrari or a f35 fighter jet. It was absolutely awesome.

Overnight the world expanded beyond the tree line on the horizon and this whole new universe of adventure and opertunity was within my grasp. Did I mention that it was awesome?.There was this whole large modern city to explore and I (we) did so from top to bottom across the length and breadth and much further beyond.  Pretoria was also visited on a number of occasions and I recall a gang of us going camping one weekend  some  way out beyond  hartebeespoort on  towards Rustenburg. This was one epic journey for a gang of snot nosed, long fringed teenaged brats on 50cc motorcycles. Indeed it was……well awesome.

That bike was a watershed ,a turning point in my life, The age of innocence was over………. forever. School  became a sort of extra curriculum event ,more or less regularly, and not so regulary attended in order to keep up appearances. Personaly I think we learned a lot more than we would have learned at school in anycase and it was way more exciting than yet another round of the great bloody  trek and the voortrekkers and piet retief and all that crap.

Not long before the booze, parties  ,weed, girls, rock an roll, bands, pubs, clubs, acid trips ,rock festivals   and all of that stuff from the devil followed……..but enough of that this post is about bikes.

I loved that bike and rode the absolute shit out of it for over four years until it was stolen. I was tough and reliable and just kept on going and going and going. And now thirty odd years later I still have a very high regard for that humble little 50cc motorcycle .l  can still remember the registration no….jvb322t…it could have been jbv?……amazing.

How I wish I could just for a short while go back to that ignorant, blissfull, childish super exciting time when all was good and freedom reigned supreme ,I was invincible, ,irresponsible, oblivious, couldn’t give a damn, to hell with everyone and everything……wow…..but only for a short time.

Did I mention that it was awesome?

The second bike was a delapilated old 50 cc  that could do no more than 50kmh and was quickly destroyed at the scrambling track in the bluegum forest.

Many years later a bought a Yamaha 400 v twin thingy. This was extremely boring and was used to go to work and back. It had some or other fancy type of electronic ignition and was full of shyte .It would never idle, would never stay in tune, continually misfired, then it kept flooding ,then the fuses kept blowing. Very  annoying and frustrating and I eventually gave up and sold it. I hate vehicles that have electronics in them.

A few years back fatty and I each bought one of them off road really cheapo 200 cc Chinese crappy things. Great fun was had scrambling on the mine dumps with these which is really exciting and somewhat dangerous and both of us came off on more than one occasion but only minor injuries were sustained. These bikes were really low quality pieces of crap and rapidly vibrated themselves to pieces. Fatties got stolen and scrambling alone was boring, eventually  my bike developed a terminal vibration inside the engine and self destructed and that was the end of that. Those bikes were possibly the biggest load of crap I have ever purchased in my life…so be it.

I doubt I shall ever own a motorcycle again…..unless of course I suddenly come into a lot of money and have a midlife crisis in which case I shall buy one of those really big off road thingys that they use in the Dakar  rally, and of course a leather jacket,  I already have a nazi helmet and long hair so im sorted in that regard .I shall strap a tent and a guitar on the back and spend the rest of my life cruising the country ,spending large amounts of money on ridiculously expensive whiskey, sitting around under the trees playing guitar and getting drunk….oh and bonking every other woman that I meet of course….YEAH RIGHT.

Greatgod the hells angel………and a stud too It would seem…

Have a greatday all

mad men and english dogs……

Howdy all

I do recall that in the past i have advised people who have just lost pets to immeadiatly go out and get a new pet…so i have taken my own advice ….

So say hello to saxon.

sax sax1

no idea why that picture turned itself around…so be it



he is still very much a baby ,six weeks so his true personality has not come through yet but he has already started destroying all the plants on the veranda …so i know we are in for loads of great destructive fun….


damn its done it again….i hate bloody computers


personally i think he might be a flying dog and we should have called him batdog……check out those magnificent ears…



as you can see i am hooked already and he is well on his way to being spoilt rotten….he has no idea how lucky he is.

cute hey?

Have a greatday all