Howdy all

Greatdogpandaman the inspiration for this blog ,he who is and shall remain my avatar has passed on.

I am so sad

Never has an animal got so deep inside my soul as Pandaman

Never have I loved an animal as much as iI love Pandaman. 

Never have I ever met a dog with so much energy, happiness and sheer raw determination and life force asPanda.

Never have I met a dog that poured with such a superb personality and magnetic charisma as Pandaman.

Although we have known he was sick for over a year he non the less pushed on long past the six months expectancy  that the vet gave him and he was his normal powerful self for 90 % of that time.

It was only in the last month or so that he started to really slow down, but he kept on trying until he just got weaker,skinier and tired until eventualy even he could not keep up with his own self.

In the last couple of days he really nose dived rapidly and it was awful to see this.

Its hard to believe that I shall never see his face again, never shall he lay besides me on the camping chair with his head on my lap as I rub his ears as we did last weekend,  never  shall he sit next to me and stare directly into my soul as I chat away to him ,never will he almost break my nose with his hard head in an over boisterous game, nor shall he almost rip the door frame out of the wall because he got his head stuck in the security gate again……

But I prefer to remember him like this in his prime and glory and as happy as can be

pppppp222 yyyyy tyres1 twire

I am so very sad and this is gonna take a while to get over

It is however a certain relief as we have been living under the dread of this eventuality for a long time  and he became very messy and a lot of hard work towards the end.  ……..It was heartbreaking to see this strong proud boy slowly dying away  ….a load has lifted and we can now move forward.

Bye bye Panda…..I love you boy

Have a greatday all


14 responses

  1. Now I’m sitting here crying over your dog that’s gone Pan!
    I’m so sorry for your loss my friend. No words can heal, nothing can fill the hollow in your heart.
    Just know that as long as you carry him in your heart, he will never be forgotten.

  2. Go well Pandaman, on the other side of the rainbow Olav, Gustav, Ambrose and Daemon is waiting for you in the world of glory to all animals. Sad to learn of your loss GGP, but it is life and I feel with you and for you. Be at peace Pandaman is happy again.

  3. Hey there.
    Keep him in your heart, your thoughts and your dreams and he will always be with you.
    It is not a nice thing to go through at all.
    Take it slowly, mourn properly, and it will slowly but surely get easier to go through.
    My thoughts are with you hun.

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