mad men and english dogs……

Howdy all

I do recall that in the past i have advised people who have just lost pets to immeadiatly go out and get a new pet…so i have taken my own advice ….

So say hello to saxon.

sax sax1

no idea why that picture turned itself around…so be it



he is still very much a baby ,six weeks so his true personality has not come through yet but he has already started destroying all the plants on the veranda …so i know we are in for loads of great destructive fun….


damn its done it again….i hate bloody computers


personally i think he might be a flying dog and we should have called him batdog……check out those magnificent ears…



as you can see i am hooked already and he is well on his way to being spoilt rotten….he has no idea how lucky he is.

cute hey?

Have a greatday all


26 responses

  1. Seriously cute.
    I think you are indeed in for lots of destruction – quite like the Saxons did at one stage or other to everything 😉
    Have you planted a rose or something on Panda’s ashes?

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