I recall a few months back before I had any knowledge or thoughs and opinions about Oscar pistorius reading a few  articles about him. These articles were about him, his ex girlfriend, who issued a veiled warning about Oscars true personality, and his new girlfriend and some nasty threats and what not. I came away from these articles with the distinct impression that Oscar was not quite right upstairs, that he had certain violent , nasty, paranoid ,arrogant, spoilt and generally  anti social tendencies .Normal people just don’t go around threatening to break other peoples legs.  

Furthermore as time went by and I watched Oscars behavior  a little more closely  I came to the conclusion that he had many of the characteristics of the classic psychopath. Paranoid, violent, need for speed, gun obsession, deceit, arrogant , a certain recklessness ,somehow  false, not quite living in reality, two sided  and most of all the overwhelming charismatic charm that he seems to posses…the most distinguishing trait of a psychopath in my opinion….……non of these traits are too serious on there own but in combination and all present at the same time sets off alarm bells……..……clearly from the comments on these articles I was not the only person, including some who had met him (I have not) who had seen these tendencies…..

now I used to have a relative who  I believe was a psychopath and I saw a very similar person by the name of oscar pistorius…….in fact I believe this description of psychopath  is more or less well suited to a fairly large segment of the male south African population… know macho ,bliksem types………my relative ended up dead on the pavement with five bullets in his chest..…I was not surprised……it had been predicted… these traits are easy for me to recognize…….but I put it all down to the fact that perhaps his fame and fortune may have gone to his head a little….he would not be the first celebrity to battle with his own outstanding success….…and I though no more about Oscar pistorius.

Until yesterday…..…I am shocked and horrified………..but somehow not  greatly  surprised.

Now those of you who are going to say I am pre judging him and innocent until proven guilty blah blah blah…..yes you are right. I was of the opinion that he was potentially dangerous and mentally unstable  before he shot his girlfriend. But being as I am not a judge or an executioner and have no authority to judge or execute anyone it is irrelevant  in  anycase.  I am merely thinking out aloud on my very own personal blog …..and I reserve the right to do so……you are in no way obliged to read or agree with me…..and I do not insist that I am correct…… which is of no consequence to the events that will now follow……Oscar is lucky I have no authority as if I did I may have already hung him.

Ok the reports are somewhat vague and obviously I don’t have all the facts ….but….this appears to be evident…

The police have absolutely ruled out the intruder angle….this was an invention by the press… so any argument in this regard is  bullshit and irrelevant……

The young lady was shot 4 …..yes four times…..a little over the top.

Apparently through a closed bathroom door…..which absolutely rules out any case of him being in immediate personal danger and rules out the self defense argument…..…

It appears that the cops and complex security had been to the house at 2am responding to some or other domestic dispute………..and indicate that other such incidents have happened previously.

The young lady was shot shortly thereafter  at 3am or there abouts……………..seems almost obvious what happened to me.

Oscar pistorius does not have very much of a case as far as im concerned and I believe he is guilty of murder in the first degree. Even if not in the first degree he is guilty of murder no matter which way you choose to look at it.

Was this premeditated?…perhaps……perhaps not… ….the state has publicly stated that they intend to prosecute premeditated murder..….i believe that an argument went down…..oscar lost his cool…….the cops arriving would have pissed him off even more……the argument continued……and being the spoilt, arrogant ,macho , brat that I believe he is, he went into a tantrum because he could not get his own way grabbed his gun and blew his girlfriend away in a blind fit of rage……she may have run to the bathroom to protect herself…….girls have been known to do this………is that premeditated?….the shots through the door indicate that it may well be…..perhaps…. perhaps  not……I wonder what the argument was about?……perhaps something as pathetic as  not putting the toilet seat down….

I cannot stop thinking about it.

Silly man……he had it all and threw it all  away  just like that……..scary.


Ok this is my opinion for all its worth. 

Oscar pistorius is guilty of cold blooded and pre meditated murder and deserves the death sentence

Pleading insanity or temporary insanity may be the only case he has and he probably will resort to this lame, weak and pathetic  method.

A talented ,intelligent and very beautiful young lady with a great life ahead of her  blown off the face of the earth by a spoilt, selfish ,arrogant ,possibly  mentally unstable brat.

A sad day indeed.

I sincerely hope oscar spends the rest of his days locked away behind bars……no actually I sincerely wish Oscar pistorius is executed……a high profile execution to send out the message to all the rest of the thugs out there that we the decent, hard working, honest people of south Africa have had enough of the scum……..but this is not gonna happen..

Sorry folks ….…im a little angry and upset……. I  cannot help but to imagine how I would feel if it was one of my girls that was so brutally and senselessly  murdered in the prime of their lives..

one thing is certain…we live in a society that has totally lost its collective marbles……..i am ashamed to be associated with south africa.

Have a greatday and weekend all



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  1. And so road leads from unknown to famous and then to infamous. I am sure the guy’s head is full of loose bolts and nuts, but all indications are he is as guilty as can come and loose brains is no excuse. So let us wait for the case to be finalised. My heart bleeds for the victim’s parents, but hell with an LLB she should have had the brains to get out in time, but I think the poor girl was ruptured out of logic and reason due to the fame attached to the Bladegunner’s name.

  2. Whilst this is a very personal tragedy for Reeva Steenkamps family it has also damaged South Africa’s image abroad. Oscar is a brilliant athlete and has represented SA with honour in the past. That someone of his standing could have so litle self control reflects badly on our country and just reinforces the image of SA as a land full of crime and violence. It is coming only second to the horse meat scandal on Sky News!

  3. I blame the press for the initial bogus story that the girlfriend had come in (at 4am, nogal) to surprise him for Valentine’s Day. That made most readers speculate about what had happened.
    I do agree with Newsy that she should have had the good sense to walk out of the relationship, but, like many women, she may have thought she could change him.
    All in all, a gut wrenching story.

  4. Should we not wait for all the facts before we judge? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I think it is pretty unfair to label him as a psychopath if you are not a professional and if you have not had an interniew with him!

  5. You liked her. She will never leave your mind. I had one I liked; her psychopathic husband shot her while she was sleeping. At least he had
    some sense of propriety left and used the same gun on himself. It happened fifty years ago and it happened yesterday morning at 10:00am when I got the phone call. They just won’t ever leave.

  6. I once lost a friend to a psychopathic person who she had married. I was young and didn’t know about crazy murder at all. Nothing like that had ever touched me and it was furthest from my mind. I think that others less naive did see the danger, but could do nothing or felt that they could do nothing. They thought it was unlikely that anything so unthinkable could or would happen. He shot her through the head while she was sleeping, then got in bed and did the right thing. He shot himself as well. It was a shocking turning point in my life. I had to get about ten years older mentally in about ten minutes. South Africa or Southern California. Some things are the same and we all feel the same regardless of race, religion or nationality. Today I used this terrible knowledge of what can happen to try and warn a friend. I hope that she heard me.

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