sporting idols….

howdy all

This is a true story that took place on friday afternoon and quite fitting as a carry over to my bladegunner post….

Now i know this wonderful woman who is the most clued up person in her field of expertize that i have ever met…now this woman just so happens to be my wife…..

Now on friday afternoon she had to deal with this extremely arrogant customer…….who said to her…If you knew who i was you would bend over backwards… fatty is not to be messed with so she replied that she does not work for outsurance……..well it turns out that this arrogant person turns out to be a high profile bulls (whoop whoop) and springbok (nogal) rugby player…..fatty then emailed him and assured him that she had googled him and understands that he is a rugby player (whoop whoop) but that she is not interested and does not give a damn about rugby or any other sport…..the law is the law regardless of your ego.

Now i have on a previous occasion had the displeasure of dealing with a very prominent golfer who displayed a very similar attitude to this rugby player and it has got me thinking about the whole idolization of sports heros.They are not always the good guys they are protrayed to be……quite the contrary infact.

Now i have also had the priveledge once of dealing with a very great south african owner of a hotel empire,a real mover and shaker and and doer of great things…what an absolute gentleman he was……just goes to show.

I mean so this little (actually big) snot  nosed brat,  half fatties age, who has never done anything  but played rugby thinks he has the right to tell fatty, who has been doing what she does for over 20 years ,has a daughter about as old as snot nosed brat..he thinks he can tell fatty what to do…..i think not.

  So all you heroes out their if you want the respect that you think you deserve (i do not) please learn to behave like rational,grown up ,responsible adults….i know your egos are so big and you have lost all perspective of reality… that you think the sun shines from out your behinds…..

BUT IT DOES NOT AND NEVER WILL SHINE ON US……we have seen what spoilt little hyped up twats you really are.

and to those of you sporties who are not arrogant assholes…i wish you well…..if the shoe fits and all.

have a greatday all


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  1. I had the pleasure of seeing in a new year with Bryan Habana and Victor Matfield one year in Ballito (back when Habana was with the bulls). They were very down to earth and friendly guys. Victor later engulfed my head with his bicep wishing me a happy new years. They’re not all bad.

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