howdy all

Well im going on leave today and taking all my beautiful young ladies down to the seaside…..visiting my mom.

No camping this time round as money is tight and petrol is just far too expensive to go galavanting all over the country right now.

So i should hopefully have some cool pics for you all shortly

have a greateaster all

occasionally im cute and i go to sleep….

not very often though…..normally im running around like a banshee terrorising everyone and chewing everything to bits…..


but im worth it…..

now on a serious not…ive had so much hassle with computers and computer idiots and other related electronic crap lately that im just about out of my mind…..nothing ever works from one day to the next……id be quite happy to throw the electronics industry in the dustbin right now…..most frustrating indeed…but i managed to get a post done …so thank god for small mercies……

Have a greatday all


howdy all

long time no only scarce because ive lost my internet connection due to corporate bih bro and this smarty pants phone shite just dont do anything i want it to do..specificslly in the photo dowload deptment…quite frankly one of the biggest pieces of shite ive ever bought for such a high price….it nevrt functions in te same way from one day to the next….crap….i wish you all well


have a greatday all