dum dee dum de dah…

howdy all

I have not been around here for a while as i just cant get onto wordpress and id basically given up trying but lo and behold i thought id try again and here i am……amazing

I have nothing to tell you…well actually loads …but ime in shock that i actually go into my own blog and dont know what to say but it wont take me long to find my voice again……blogging gods willing.

Well im still alive and well as you can all see and if my stroke of good fortune continues i shall start blogging once again.The kids ,fatty,dogs and cats and all things wonderful are fine too.

So hopefully youll all be hearing a bit more from me soon.

Have a greatday all



11 responses

  1. I look forward to your perspective from a place (South Africa) far, far away. I have never been able to travel and it looks like that won’t change. Actually, I am able to do the next best thing by listening in on the regular lives of others in places that are different, but yet “a rose by any other name…”. It’s good that you are back.

    Phillip. (Aka. Eggsuckingpup). In Los Angeles

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