teenage drama…..

Howdy all

Well it was the beautiful ones thirteenth birthday a while back and although i was dead against her having a cell phone i none the less compromised after lots of nagging and prompting.I knew it was a bad idea but i figure ive gotta at least meet my daughters and the modern world half way.

So the rules were that she was not allowed to go on the internet and the internet was removed from the phone, she was allowed to go on whatsapp but was expressly forbidden from facebook, twitter etc etc and all open social sites .She was threatened that should she break these rules that the phone would be taken away.She was very very happy and pleased and all has gone well for the last three months or so.

But guess what?….she broke the rules and opened a face book account….silly girl..somehow i just knew she would .

Some how i just knew that the phone would cause trouble .When i confronted her about this account she blatantly lied to me about it,  IN WRITING by text message too .I am very annoyed about this and she knows it. She is staying with her aunty at the moment and i have instructed her aunty to confiscate her phone .Many apologies have been sent to me as she knows full well she is well and truely busted.I have told her i will deal with her when she gets home this weekend….so ill let her stew in her own juice for a while.


So know im forced to punish her and i shall remove the phone from her,for a while at least,how long im not sure.i shall play it  by ear

Yes there she is my beautiful one getting more beautiful and more like a woman by the day. I am annoyed with her for lying to me and attempting to take me for a fool. I hate lying as it breaks that trust which is a lot harder to rebuild again.

But i love her to bits in anycase so i forgive her but ill not let her know that just yet.

Bloody silly damn teenagers

Have a greatday all


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  1. Like the carpenter who measures twice and cuts once. Think twice as you will be shaping the future. The part of your blog below the picture says it well. If only your daughter could deconstruct those words and to take them to her heart. She just might. She would know her father better and perhaps indulge in some personal introspection as well.

    • ill have a good heart to heart with her when she gets home from her aunties place……i will turn the bad into a good oppertunity for the good….it will also be a lesson for my younger daughter for the day when she is old enough to get a cell phone….. i have to punish otherwize i become a walk over and not a man of my word…..

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