THE PIG….and the great chicken massacre…

Howdy all

Here is an update on Saxon aka the pig.


He is just over a year old now and getting big, he has just started to fill out and is becoming very powerful.

Naughty as hell and cannot sit still for more than two seconds at a time .He has no end and is a real busybody with his nose in everything, The garden is full of holes and chewed up bits of debris all the time. He has broken through the front gate and attacked the postman ,or more correctly the postmans bicycle for which he got a damn good hiding ,this was quite amusing as the post man abandoned his bike and went running up the street scattering letters all over the street. Saxon however had no interest in the postman only the bike. He also attacked another dog so he has been banished from the front garden unless under direct supervision ,He is a handfull and pain in the arse of note.

Everything is done at full throttle and the other day he injured me when he came flying in the front door at full speed and took a running jump at me whilst i was sitting on the couch.I was not expecting this and he hit me full force in the chest with his head and i believe i may have cracked a rib as it is very painfull when i move.Such be bull terriers.

But we love him non the less


Pictures like this are few and far between as he cant ever keep still and it always degenerates into something like this


A few months back we got ourselves three laying hens and i built a very secure coop for them. Anticipating that the dogs may be a problem i put a lot of effort into building a secure coop for them ,fenced off ,completely covered in wire mesh, trenches dug and filled with bricks around the perimeter to prevent digging etc etc .This all went well and the beautiful one, aka doolittle, built up a really good relationship with these chickens. Named them clucky,lucky and tucky, could hug and kiss them etc. I kept away from getting personal with the chickens as for me they were never intended to be pets and it was always in the back of my mind that once they cease to lay i would be the one who has to slaughter them.

I must say it is really cool having fresh eggs on a daily basis.

One day we got home and all the chickens were dead. The pig had somehow managed to climb onto the roof (i did not anticipate this) and ripped his way into the coop and killed them all. He made no effort to eat them , just killed them .I was really pissed off and doolite very upset .The pig got the hiding of his life and was in the dog box for about a week. Anyway i did a quick google crash course on butchering chickens and they now sit in our freezer as no one wishes to eat them .Disembowelling a chicken is easy but yucky and smelly……such be life.

However i do not let a dog get the better of me and i am redesigning the chicken coop so that it is impossible to reach the roof and also so that the chickens can get up high if danger does get into the coop .IF AT FIRST YOU DONT SUCCEED TRY AND TRY AGAIN.

Here is the pig giving his mom love bites because despite all this i mentioned up above he is actually very loving and well natured and he really loves his people ,He is still a puppy, just a puppy in a powerful body and still has a lot to learn.


Have a great weekend all


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