blondie and the flying buttress…..

Howdy all

A few years back we used to run a stall on a market and during a recent spring clean we came apon  a few bits of ex stock that we did not know we had.

Blondie fell in love with this 3d puzzle of notre dame almost immediatly.


She has spent the last two evenings constructing this puzzle with great concentration.Its been really quite andp eaceful with no whinning or fighting going on


So it seems i might have an architect on my hands, She informs me that she wishes to copy it and cut it out of wood on the scroll saw…So it seems i might have a forger on my hands?…..a little ambitious if you ask me but she is a whiz on the scroll saw so ill leave her to it….i dont suppose i should complain because who knows one day she might just design and build a structure that  still stands a thousand years from now.

The final product..



pretty funky if you ask me……but im a little disapointed that a quassie modo did not come with it…

Now i had to have a bit of fun too and i experimented a bit with some figurines.







Ok i know they are not in scale but these were just quick experiments with the cell phone camera……i like the sense of perspective that is noticable on some of the pics..not bad for cell phone pics in my opinion…..anyway i am going to do a few more comprehensive photographic studies of some purpose built miniture scenarios using my proper photo gear….when and if i ever get the time.

Fun has been had

Have a greatday all




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  1. Hi dave fantantic having you blogging again.

    She is quite the architect and photos came out beautiful love the Kombi.

    Kind regards

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