the greatgodpan is alive…believe it or not.

Howdy all

Well ive been a bit scarce latly because ive actually been extremly busy at work. We have had a lot of long weekends and public holidays latly, which is absolutly great but I being in the international freight industry, the cargo never takes a public holiday and aircraft come and go regardless, so its all been piled up in backlog and keeping me very busy.

One the homefront,which is much more important than this corporate make a buck in order to survive thingy, many interesting little projects are taking place.Despite all this I have nothing really prepared to blog about .So ad hoc talking crap as it comes out of my head is the order of the day.

Ok over the weekend I managed to scrounge three van loads of wooden pallets.Now my original intention was to use these in my fireplace this winter but on examining these pallets it has become apparent that this timber is of a high quality and burning them will be a waste. They are made of some or other good quaility pine which i believe may come from the baltic.The timber is smooth planed and the edges are beveled, really good workmanship for something as mundane as a pallet .Now south african pine is in my opinion generally of very poor quality in comparison and tends to split and crack easily.So i wont be burning them afterall.

Now together with these pallets are a large collection of broken down packaging boxes, all of the same good quality and workmanship which are essentially pre manufactured boxes. So i have began cutting these down to smaller sizes and have remanufactured my first box with the intention of turning this into a replica vintage pirate chest (aarghhh me hearties this is where it gets groovy .)

I have sourced some brass hinges and clasps ,ok they are this modern imitation brass  but real old school brass is way too expensive.I am currently sourcing leather strapping and brass buckles and have got fatty working on lining the inside of these boxes in green or maroon polar fleece material, now baize is what i really want but that too is rather pricy.

I have printed some logos off of the internet  (ships,skull and crossbones and related..I have made a template of the dutch east india company logo which i like and think is a good idea) I intend to get my girls to burn these onto the sides of the boxes with a soldering iron before i varnish them.

In addition we have recently got into making our own biltong. For those of you who are not south african biltong is a kind of spicy (lots of corriander) dried beef which you may know as jerky. Ive never tried jerky but have been told that it is crap in comparison to biltong. Now biltong is delicious and is a highly valued product here in south africa. So i am also working on making small pirate chest boxes that i intend filling with biltong and pecan nuts from the tree in front garden,and throwing in cheapo knife.I have some cheapo (chinese crap) knives which i used to sell on the flea market and by removing the very nasty looking plastic handles and replacing them with oak or iroko handles they look relativly posh.

So as you can see ive been and am very busy and my scrounging expedition has turned into a business oppertunity.And i really like pirates and old antique wooden thingys which makes it fun too.I do hope and believe that if i play my cards right i can get continuos supply of this good quality absolutly free timber.Very resourcful is i.

So ive had no time to take any photies but i will and my grandaughter is sick and i have not seen her for awhile,She is my favourite photographic subject.

Ok that was not too bad for a ramble off the top of my head.

Have a greatday all

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    • these are good quaility european standard materials roly…they have that iso stamp with the ear of corn stamped on them so im sure they are treated somehow……if im not mistaken they are from sweden or denmark as battery equipment which i think is use for telecomms was what they originally contained……….

  1. @pouring my artout….my reply button has vanished……ive googled some home made smelters and seen a design for a used motor oil fueled one….pretty ingenious and simple…basically a small oil drum with a refractive concrete liner…..oil is fed in through the top and a heatgun is used as a bellow to blow hot air through a pipe in the bottom………

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